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MINI RC for kids by TOLDINA* (on the sunny side)

mini rocking chair for kids
When sun rays become stronger, something special happens in our streets: houses and shops unfold their awnings or sunshades.
Urban landscape changes and it becomes festive, new intense colours appear, lines of any kind, flowers...
We have always been fascinated about terraces with awnings and markets with their characteristic coloured canvases!
TOLDINA* (on the sunny side) is a family of lounge chairs and rocking chairs made of a wooden structure (natural pine or natural beech) and awning fabric in different colours and patterns, and MINI RC for kids is the little rocking chair version for children.
MINI RC for kids BEACH (turquoise + white/yellow)
MINI RC for kids PIRATE (white/red + dark grey)
MINI RC for kids CITRUS (mandarin + lemon)
MINI RC for kids MANGOBERRY (mango + salmon)
Design: Francesco Monaco
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