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coffee table
Happiness among flowers! 
HANAMI is the Japanese tradition of contemplating the beauty of flowers. 
In spring, when the cherry trees bloom, Japanese people flock to enjoy a picnic under the ephemeral flowers. It is a moment of meeting and pleisure. 
HANAMI is also a coffee tables family of Japanese inspiration and Mediterranean touch. With different finishes and different heights, these artificial flowers are made of steel and hexagonal hydraulic mosaics. These delicate little tables can be used in many ways: for plants, books, toys ... for cozy corners and as decorative elements.
Hydraulic mosaics are pigmented cement tiles, handmade one by one, following a tradition that began in the XIX century. This HANAMI I collection is a carefully selection of choosen pieces in collaboration with Yanyare,
Available with 4 different mosaics: KANDA, KATSURA, OLDMAN, KASAI
and 4 different heights: 12cm, 24cm, 36cm, 48cm
Only under request, we can make the tables with other mosaics:  
The HANAMI tables are suitable for indoor and outdoor use (external use may cause rust over time).
Design: Francesco Monaco
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