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GLÜCKSSTUHL • the lucky chair

Glücksstuhl • the lucky chair
27 x 25,5 x 45 cm - peso 2,5 kg

Glücksstuhl is a chair designed with children in mind, age 1 and up. It also functions as a ride-on, a walker with wooden wheels, and a chalkboard. It has a drawer for keeping secrets, and two little eyes for hiding things.

Glücksstuhl was born as a collaborative design between NIMIO and ¡Glück! |

The design came about rather serendipitously. NIMIO suggested to María, the owner of ¡Glück!, the idea of designing a piece of furniture inspired by and intended for her store, reflecting the unique spirit and philosophy of ¡Gluck! which they identify with.

Glücksstuhl is entirely handmade from durable birch wood. It’s made in a little workshop in Madrid, and is painted with pictures that encourage respect for the environment.

It’s available in blue and black.


Design: Francesco Monaco
Photo: José Luis de Lara

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